E-inspection for fire safety of installations

Saturday 27th September 2014

The last years the capacity and complexity of electric installations have risen considerably in the agricultural sector and intensive stock farming. From 1st of June 2014 TS Group Holland B.V. also inspects the installation that form highest risks to fire, overheating and electrocution in this sector.

Where a farm used to have a selective amount of consumers, in the course of time this has changed considerably. These days farms work with milk robots, feeding systems, climate installations, grow lamps, big cooling installations, ventilation systems and lighting. These new consumers are on almost all day and night, where weighing the connection down is often not taken seriously.

Defects and deviations in the electric installations can quickly become the cause of a fire with massive outcomes. Insurance companies have identified these outcomes and determined that one in three big fires, in the agricultural sector and similar companies, have been caused by a defect or shortcoming in the electric installation.

From now on, TS Group Holland B.V. carries out E-Inspections in the agricultural sector. During these inspections TS Group Holland B.V. also checks the installation parts that form the highest risks to fire, overheating or electrocution within the agricultural sector. This inspection is a part of the NEN3140 inspection and focuses on fire safety of the installation. This inspection consists of a number of set elements; visual inspection, thermography, reporting, measuring and testing. For more information about the E-Inspection you can contact TS Group Holland B.V. on this telephone number 0344-662347 or this email address info@tsg-holland.com.

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