Service and maintenance

We like to think along with you

TS Group Holland B.V. is the service and maintenance partner for  exporters, importers, suppliers and production companies who have no service or repair department or want to fully outsource it. We offer a full A to Z service- and maintenance program for your product or machinery.

We strive for a high level of reliability in repairs, maintenance, solving failures and keeping your machine park and production lines up to date. TS Group Holland B.V. will think along with you and determine the best way of maintenance with you.

Over the years TS Group Holland has built a decent, reliable and worldwide reputation where customer satisfaction is something we feel very strongly about.

Our supply consists of:
  • A worldwide work area;
  • Composing a preventive maintenance plan for your product, machine and/or installation;
  • Executing a preventive maintenance plan for your product, machine and or/installation’
  • Immediate composing of a plan of action during errors and execution of the plan of action;
  • Telephonic helpdesk, 24 hours a day, in multiple languages;
  • Managing parts and telephonic support for you and your customers;
  • Modification on your product, machinery and/or installation;
  • Moving machinery, product and/or installation;
  • Mounting and/or installing your product/machinery and/or installation on site;
  • Starting up your product, machinery and/or installation on site.

Have you got a new product or have you not got the investments to start up your own service department? Or do you want to focus on everything but the aftersales of your product? TS Group Holland B.V. offers the possibility to compose a complete aftersales program with us. Enquire for the possibilities.

Why maintenance?

From experience it seems that most complaints about machinery come from no or too little maintenance work, besides the frustration and costs that are caused by down time. Often the wear is established too late so the costs of repair will be needlessly high. In short, Preventive maintenance is necessary.

Maintenance contracts

If you remember to execute preventive maintenance on your product, machine or installation, then please contact us. We offer fitting preventive maintenance on your product or machinery. Providing product training on site also belongs to the possibilities.


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