Commissioning and project validation

International work field with the right competencies

To adapt to the latest economic developments organisations have to keep developing new products, processes and systems with a high dependability level. Components or systems that fail can have a very big impact and lead to high consequences, like claims or a damaged image. TS Group Holland B.V. has all the disciplines to make sure, through set protocols, that the installation or machine is correctly started up and validated so the installations and the machines can be used to its maximum capacity.

TS Group Holland B.V. is a first-rate partner to set up and perform a complete or partial project validation. Enquire for the possibilities.

Routine Check-Up

Sensors and measuring equipment in your installation or machine can deviate or show flaws after a period of time. Because of that the maximum capacity of your installation or machine can be lost. To intercept this problem TS Group Holland B.V. can do a yearly routine check-up, so your installation and/or machine will always perform under the right settings.

The routine check-up can be combined with a service and maintenance inspection for your installation and/or machine. Validating yearly pays off and guarantees.



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