Inspection and examination

Saving energy seems very appealing, but the big question always is ‘how can you save energy in a profitable way?’


Executing an energy scan can show insight in the energy usage. This forms the base for the next step; actually saving energy. The ultimate goal of the scan is to save energy. The energy scan is applicable in any type of (agricultural) company. Both the energy- and gas usage is brought into view, per business unit and also the personal usage. We will compare the results with the norm and with similar companies.

With an energy scan you get insight in:

  • How much energy every division in your company uses;
  • Where you score ‘good’ and where you can save energy;
  • Which investments are needed to realise the save;
  • Which fiscal possibilities and subsidies are possible in saving energy.

In some cases excessive energy usage is unexplainable going by the energy scan. Then there is the option to do an examination and explain the energy usage that way. The energy usage will be measured for a longer period of time in this examination.


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