By Rob van Vliet, Sr. manufacturing engineer – TS Group Holland

Column: Key figure in the company

By Rob van Vliet, Sr. manufacturing engineer – TS Group Holland

As a senior manufacturing engineer I have been a key figure at TS Group Holland for over three years. I lead the infrastructural projects in our company from beginning to end. For these projects I am also the contact person for our clients as well as our office people and working men.

A project starts after an application from a client or from a builders estimate that is on the market. With every application there are specifications for which the manufacturing engineer makes a calculation. Keeping these specifications in mind, the client choses the material and the potential subcontractors. After this decision the client sends (a part of) the specifications and a small description of what they expect to subcontractors like TS Group Holland. My task is to make a quotation and present this to the client.

Infrastructural drawings are very important and they are of great importance to make a correct and precise calculation. During this calculation I pay attention to the potential planning of the project. I do this so I can make an advantageous calculation for the client. After TS Group Holland is chosen as the subcontractor, I will make a planning for the entire project which will include all the information. Not only the realisation, but also the potential operating plan and the licenses for traffic measurements that need to be requested.


A good planning and guarding it will provide an insight to what will be expected and the deadlines we are working with. A deadline could be when a part of the project needs to be finished or when we need to order new materials. During this project I keep an eye on the planning and I am the point of contact when there are questions or when there may be any delay.

Because I have the most information about the project, I am the key figure in the company. I am the contact person for the client, the working men and the office workers. It doesn’t matter if it is a one day project or one for a longer period of time. For larger projects I work together with the (main)contractor and for smaller projects I do these tasks myself. TS Group Holland’s manufacturing engineer is also the project manager and sometimes even the contractor in combination with the service engineer.

During the project I will be registering the additions and omissions, I will be maintaining the contact with the client and I will be present at the construction meetings. After we finish with the activities, my task as a manufacturing engineer is to complete the project. I finish small projects with a short report. In cooperation with the client, I will make a condition report for larger projects. We believe it is very important to develop clear and extensive reports, so we can give our client a good image of our activities. This way we can show our client the status of the parts and equipment.

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