Beginning of 2016: Certificating and new enterprise resource planning system

ISO 9100 and VCA certificating, here we come

Beginning of 2016: Certificating and new enterprise resource planning system

During the last 3 months of 2015 we began to draw up the necessary documents for ISO 9100 and VCA certificating. We have chosen these certifications since they fit our activities and the wishes of our clients. At the moment we are busy finishing the documents and after that we will plan the audits. We are supporting this with our new Enterprise resource planning system so we can monitor our processes better.

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management. With this certification we chart our processes, so that we can monitor and improve them if necessary. The ISO 9001 certification proves that our company offers a constant quality to its clients. We have noticed some of our clients request this kind of certification. To serve our current and new clients, we expect to present them our ISO 9100 certificate at the beginning of the 4th month of this year.

VCA represents the abbreviation for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors and is intended to work with greater safety awareness and reduce the number of accidents. Apart from the initial paperwork, there will not be a lot of changes in our company. We have always been actively creating safety awareness, especially while working on height with our aerial platforms and the risks our activities in infrastructure bring with them.
Because of the paperwork that VCA requires, we hired a partner who can support us drawing up the necessary documents and to give us advice during this process.

Implementation of the Enterprise resource planning system
Besides the ISO and VCA certificating, we are also busy with implementing our new Enterprise resource planning system. Our final deadline was to go live on the first of January 2016. After working very hard, we changed over to the live environment in December of last year. We collected and imported a lot of data into this system. You can think of, for instance, articles, suppliers and employees. After the team’s switch-over, we are still getting used to the system. But we have figured out all the procedures. If there are going to be any changes for our clients, we will make sure that they are notified in advance.

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