TS Group Holland is sponsoring St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath for the coming three years

The preparations for the 2015 “Fruitcorso” have begun. The clubs will do their absolute best to build a beautiful float together. TS Group Holland, as an organisation, likes to be involved in activities and events in the region. To contribute to the continuity of building these floats in Kerk-Avezaath, TS Group Holland will sponsor St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath for the next three years. “With this new head sponsor we can look forward and focus on the developments in the future”, according to Martin van der Steen, president of St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath.

The volunteers of St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath make an effort every year for the returning event, the Fruitcorso in Tiel. Twenty floats, built with fruit, nuts and seeds, parade in a big procession during the highlight of the week. The club has a yearly contact with its fixed sponsors and looks for new ones, this year they were looking for a head sponsor. The three-year sponsor contract with TS Group Holland provides the club to look further forward. Martin van der Steen says: TS Group Holland’s support will partially go towards building the float, but will also be used for the developments around our youth plans. We hope to enthusiast youth in helping to build the floats, with the knowledge of our steady group of builders.”

The perennial connection between St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath and TS Group Holland contributes to the continuity of building floats in the village. “We trust this to be a pleasurable collaboration where we can give our designers the freedom to build beautiful and creative designs, also in the future”, says Martin van der Steen. “Our website will soon be updated and we will form a noticeable unit on the tribune thanks to our head sponsor. Together we build for the pleasure and the cheer of the crowd.”

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