Prevent heat stress with your cattle

Get rid of it for good with our mist cooling system

Dutch summer days keep getting warmer. Especially cows are quickly affected by this. Do you give your dairy cattle enough cooling during these warm, sunny days? During these high temperatures an animal is hardly capable of regulating its own body temperature, because of that your dairy cattle can get heat stress. Heat stress can lead to  great problems with cows. When the animal and it’s barn are not sufficiently or inadequately cooled during warm days, the animal can show different symptoms. With our mist cooling system both the barn and the cattle (without making them wet) will be sufficiently cooled, so the animal’s welfare and productivity stay stable during these warm days. Because warm days are not good for cows.

The outcomes that could appear:

  • Less milk production;
  • Less (raw) food intake;
  • More chance of rumen acidosis;
  • Less activity;
  • Less draft detection.

The mist cooling system
At temperatures above 23 degree Celsius, the cows already get bothered by heat stress. With our mist cooling system the water gets nebulized under high pressure and is divided through the barn with ventilators. The mist evaporates which makes the air in the barn cool down. The system will cool the animals and the barn without making them wet and leads to a productive climate. During warm days our system can reduce the temperature by 8 to 10 degree Celsius. With temperature- and humidity sensors and a climate computer, the different sections will be turned off or on based on the wishes of the farmer. Multiple sections in the barn can be cooled separately.

TS Group Holland B.V. designs, supplies, installs and maintains diverse mist cooling systems for almost every thinkable application. We offer you a temperature decreasing and productivity increasing solution during warm days. Our system is simple and quick to install. Our ventilators are available in different sizes and models.

You can always come to us for in-depth advice. Please enquire about the possibilities, we will keep your wishes and situation in mind. A one-time investment from €45 per animal location. For more information, please contact Otto Vink: 06-14407560.


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