Working on height more important

Wednesday 25th February 2015

The basics of working safely and efficiently on height keeps becoming more important. Ten to thirty people die yearly, in infrastructure and construction, due to falling. Another few hundred end up in the hospital. The workplace is often not safe enough, while there are more possibilities for a safer work environment than people might know.

The inspection of the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SAE) has started a campaign, sluitafmeteenhekje, to create more awareness for work safety. The coming year this inspection will execute more checks on the work floor. When the situation, during an inspection, is determined to be unsafe, SAE can fine the company. Theses fines could rise from 9.000 to 18.000 euro.

In our company, working safely and efficiently is also very important. For our employers as well as our clients, relations and partners. To guarantee this safety we provide service on a higher level with our aerial platform service. Herefore our aerial platforms are standardly equipped with an insulated basket, 230 Volt supply, loads of cargo space, tow bar and flashes according to the ECER65 guidelines.

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