TS Group Holland unites knowledge and experience in technical experiences at ROC Rivor

While the labour market is developing a shortage in technical talents, less youngsters choose an education in technical services. To make students excited about technical jobs in the industry, educational centre ROC Rivor in Tiel has started a cooperation with the business life. Matching the new Mechatronic training to strengthen the connection between the labour market and education, TS Group Holland is uniting its knowledge and experience in technical services with other initiatives.

The amount of students who choose a technical professional education has decreased in the last few years. In addition the labour market changes too. The technical industry wants more future employers who can’t only tinker but can also trouble shoot. With the start of ROC Rivor’s new Mechatronic training, TS Group Holland joins Rivierenland’s Publieke Private Samenwerking (PPS). TS Group Holland, together with other initiatives, makes an effort for this new training to unite and gain more awareness for technical services.

Unique chances for youngsters
There is an important role for companies in the new Mechatronic training. They play a big role in contributing to the contents of the training. The educational programme is practice orientated: the youngsters will have two 6-week student trainee workplacements in the first year, in the second year there will be two 10-week student trainee workplacements. In the third, final year the students can complete their thesis at a company. Depending on the wishes of the company and the student, the youngsters can choose different graduate possibilities. “The collaboration of a school and a company at a Mechatronic training offers the students unique chances. Through companies like TS Group Holland they will get in contact with the reality of the job, also internationally. The advantages for ROC Rivor are the teachers who get to stay very updated of the latest mechatronics. This will make the students better educated, because the contents of the training are based on the practical international technical service. In short a win-win situation for all practices that the youngsters profit from the most”, according to Jan Heeres from Platform Techniek Rivierenland. A platform that stands up to ensure there is enough technical talent in the Rivierenland area.

We educate together
Interpretation is given to the collaboration between public authorities, school and entrepreneurs with Rivierenland’s PPS. To shape the education towards the professions and labour market, more than ten companies in the area are uniting their knowledge and experience. According to Frans van Woesik, manager of ROC Rivor, connecting the school and company like TS Group Holland is the essence of the collaboration. “We educate together. Companies get to partly direct when it comes to educating their (future) employees.” Technical youngsters will grow because of this collaboration with the labour market of the future.

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