Efficiently separating with compact manure separator

Dairy- and stock farm Mts. Van den Anker from Maurik was already familiar with separating manure to liquid and solid fraction. To separate more efficiently, Joost van den Anker has been looking to get his own manure separator since last autumn. After his visit to America, chats with colleague stock farmers and in-depth advice from Otto Vink, agri-consultant at TS Group Holland, it turned out that the Plug & Play by Bauer was the best option. “The compact disposition, good experiences and excellent service by TS Group Holland were the vital reasons to go for a Bauer manure separator”, according to Joost van den Anker.

Dairy farm Van den Anker was not unfamiliar in separating manure. Monthly the company would use a manure separator, where the solid fraction would be used as stable coverage and the liquid fraction would be used for the land. When Joost van den Anker made the decision to purchase his own manure separator, he decided to have a look at different models at fairs. A visit to America made his attention go to the manure separators by Bauer. “In saw in America that most of the farmers were using Bauer. That was their second manure separator already, often they had used a different brand before that. From them I heard that they wished they had decided to go for the Bauer one in the first place”, says Joost van den Anker.

In the Netherlands Joost van den Anker participated in a survey to find the best separator for his company. He had chats with colleague farmers and, via Otto Vink, came in contact with TS Group Holland. Besides an agri-consultant, Otto Vink also works as a cattle farmer at his own dairy cattle farm. “Because TS Group Holland is an official dealer for Bauer, I asked Otto for advice and experiences. It is very nice that Otto himself also works as a cattle farmer, because of that I know that he has a lot of knowledge on this subject.”

Why separate with a Bauer manure separator?
A lot of cattle farms have to dispose their fertilizer to meet legal requirements. And that is actually a waste. Bauer’s manure separator works with an auger, which has proven itself as a very reliable manure separator. The construction of the manure separator guarantees the separating effectivity, even in the most extreme circumstances. Bauer has 25 years of experience with the manure separator and is represented in more than 80 countries. TS Group is, since 2011, an official dealer for Distrimex, the importer for the Netherlands.

Joost van den Anker: “A different brand for manure separators would perhaps have been cheaper. But if parts are already worn out after three years, then the purchase of a manure separator is already much more expensive. Besides that I wanted a compact disposition. I want to be able to stand next to every well. A fixed installation would only be able to fit next to the barn. With a Bauer Plug & Play I can also be a lot of cattle farmers in the area of service. I can place this manure separator at every farmer who hasn’t got loads of space.”

About cattle farm Van den Anker
Dairy farm Mts. Van den Anker has a dimension of 140 dairy cows, 170 young stock and 110 hectares of land. Besides the dairy farm Joost van den Anker is also active with breeding first-rate dairy cattle, with his company Anker-Holstein.

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