Together we build door the pleasure and the cheer of the crowd

Kerk-Avezaath’s ‘Fruitcorso 2015’

"Together we build door the pleasure and the cheer of the crowd"

The 2015 ‘Fruitcorso’ has passed and with that our first year as a sponsor of St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath. TS Group Holland, as an organisation, likes to be involved in activities and events in the region. To contribute to the continuity of building these floats in Kerk-Avezaath, TS Group Holland is sponsoring St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath for three years.

During our first year of sponsoring, we have not only been financially supporting the volunteers with the construction of the float as well as helping them with our aerial platforms, new clothes and the development of their new website. Martin van der Steen, president of St. Corsowagen Kerk-Avezaath, says: “Thanks to our head sponsor our website has recently been updated and we will look very uniform while we are sitting in the stands because of our new polo shirts.” Last year the volunteers themselves were also taking action to recruit younger people for the construction.


As a highlight of the Fruitcorso, all the Corso associations present their float during the third weekend of September. On this Saturday Kerk-Avezaath’s float parades in a big procession with 19 other floats, built with fruit, nuts and seeds. This year Kerk-Avezaath’s float could not be built up in the barn, this had to be done outside for the very first time. This had to happen because the height of the float was expanded for 4 to 6 metres. On this day we, our aerial platforms and other volunteers transported all the parts to the city of Tiel to assemble the float. In 2015 Kerk-Avezaath’s volunteers gained the ninth spot, but in the end all that matters is: “The pleasure we get from building and the cheer of the crowd.”

At this moment the volunteers are already busy preparing for this coming year. On January 11 we were present at the presentation where the model of this year’s float was revealed. The float will be a political statement: four melting penguins represent global warming. A model and eventually a float by the name ‘Hot item’. This year we will continue to sponsor the volunteers with their stunning masterpieces.


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