Project Management

High- graded knowledge & years’ worth of experience

Feasibility studies and  preliminary examinations.
In most cases it is not completely clear to know how an investment will turn out in advance. Often the financier wants to have more certainty before making a decision and can be wondering this:

  • What needs to be paid attention when picking a supplier, machine or installation?
  • Which additional costs are to be expected?
  • What is the investment’s actual pay-off time?
  • What are the consequences for the rest of the organisation?

In short, you want to start your investment or change process well prepared. To do that you will need a detailed report where all aspects of the plans will be highlighted.

Execution and realisation

TS Group Holland B.V. can function as (interim) project manager or project leader and see to it that the result will be accomplished within a set period of time.

What makes us special?

Flexibility, short lines, transparency and a clear overview of all the financial and technical risks. This is the way we organise worldwide projects for our customers.

We guarantee to supply you with a well-balanced solution within a set period of time, budget and quality standards. TS Group Holland B.V. stands for high-graded knowledge, years’ worth of experience, fast tempo, flexibility and professionalism.


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