New innovations in the bio technical field

Introduction during Biotechnische Dagen

New innovations in the bio technical field

Last year we participated in the Biotechnische Dagen, on Wednesday 11th and Tuesday 12th of November, for the first time. A yearly returning congress in the bio sector technique with a divers program of lectures and an extensive info market where the latest technical developments in the bio technical field are presented.

These days were the opportunity to introduce our newest subpart Lab-innovations. Despite our wide experience in the world of laboratory equipment, we have chosen to subdivide the various sectors in which we work into subparts of the company, like Lab-innovations. We made this decision so that our relations do not have to search the whole website when they are looking for specific information. When someone is looking for customer specific laboratory equipment, they will find it on the Lab-innovations website.


New unit for chickens
During the Biotechnische Dagen we also introduced our new, innovative chicken unit that we designed in association with one of our clients. To the needs and situation of our client, we have developed this unit to create animal housing that is proper for humans as well as animals.

While designing this unit, our experience with chicken stables in the Netherlands and abroad came in very handy. The unit has the possibility to use a grating from practice that can be used to give an ‘on roost’ effect. The client can also choose to use different bedding. We want to use the available space as well as possible. Our new shelve has a surface of 2 square metres with an option of being extended in length and height. Besides this flexibility we have also considered other factors. For instance the feeding and laying places, which can be placed in different locations in the unit.


With Lab-innovations we focus on designing, producing, installing and maintaining customer specific laboratory equipment and the diverse aspects around this. We are not only producing standard products, we are developing unique products to the wishes of our client. When it comes to our products you can think of animal housing, isolators, disinfection systems and special lab equipment. Meanwhile our products and services find their off-take in the medical-, bio-process-, chemical-, pharmaceutical- and the food-sector as well as in different educational institutions.

Part of TS Group Holland
Besides Lab-innovations as a part of TS Group Holland, we have two other subdivides. We have our aerial platform service, for realisation and maintenance in infrastructural projects and rental of several of our own aerial platforms. Information about cooling animal stables and workshops can be found at

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